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Highlighting This Weeks Best Customs

Sep 18, 2018 · Angelus Direct · Angelus Paints · customs · DIY · football · Jordans · Nike · Nike Air Force

We love seeing artists use our paints to create new and interesting custom designs. It can be hard to shout out everyone who deserves it as we get tagged in countless pictures every week, but we try to give artists who bring us fresh designs the exposure they deserve. So, here are some of our favorite customs that we've seen this past week.

Eagles Customs

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

First up is our sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms with these Eagles-inspired Jordans. Just in time for football season, these shoes are perfect for any super fan. You can grab some Angelus Green Paint to get started on your own.

AB Customs

(source: @4w_rick)

Antonio Brown fans might not really be feeling these right now, but they were to clean to pass up for this list. Here's to hoping things work out for you Steelers fans. If you want to make some customs similar to these, start with Angelus Black Paint and Angelus Yellow Paint.

Air Force 1 Customs

(source: @y_kicks)

To get away from sports for a second, we have these customs Air Forces by @y_kicks. Hopefully, this incredible artwork shows you how creative you can really get with your customs. Angelus Orange Paint would be a good place to start for a similar style.

Air Max Califronia Customs

(source: @Jwdanklefs)

Last, but not least, sponsored artist @Jwdanklefs shows his love for California through some iconic names and places on these custom Nikes. Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get all the colors you need to represent your hometown.

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