How to Paint Custom Shoes | Custom Painted Canvas Vans

How to Paint Custom Shoes | Custom Painted Canvas Vans

Today we welcome @sneakerqueenscustoms for her first tutorial with us! Today she is showing you how to paint crispy, clean lines while working on canvas shoes such as Vans. Learn when to use Angelus Paint and 2-Soft, and how to get the most out of your canvas sneaker customs.

Custom Vans painted with Angelus Paints

1. Prep the shoe. With canvas shoes, this step is quite simple. Make sure the shoe is clean, tape any areas of the shoe that you don’t want paint on, and use Angelus Shoe Trees so that you have a surface to press against while painting.

Putting an Angelus Shoe Tree into a Vans sneaker

2. Gather your Angelus Paints of choice. For your base coats, mix Angelus Paints with Angelus 2-Soft at a 50-50 Ratio. This will allow you to keep your shoes soft after being painted.

Pouring Angelus 2-Soft into Angelus Paint

3. Paint your shoe with your Paint/2-Soft Mixture. This mixture will absorb into the fabric, so make sure not to put to much paint on your brush at one time so it doesn’t bleed into the areas that you don’t want it to.

Painting Vans with Angelus Paints and 2-Soft

4. Headset your Paint/2-Soft Mixture with a heatgun or blowdryer. THIS STEP IS MANDATORY WHEN USING 2-SOFT. Heat up the painted shoe for 3-5 minutes to dry the Paint/2-Soft and keep the fabrics soft after painting.

Heat setting a canvas shoe painted with Angelus Paint and 2-Soft

5. After painting, you can use Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer and a cotton swab to remove any paint that got on the eyelets of rubber.

Removing paint with Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer

6. After your base coats are complete, using Angelus Paint straight out of the bottle to paint your swirl design. Using Angelus Paints straight out of the bottle will give you more control when painting line work and details, such as these swirls.

Using Angelus Paint on Canvas Shoes

7. Once you are finished painting and the paint is completely dry, you can move on to applying your finisher. This step is completely optional as Angelus Paint is very durable by itself, but many people like to use a finisher for as much protection as possible, as well as to change the sheen of the shoe. We recommend our 4-Coat Finisher Wait at least 24 Hours before wearing the shoes to allow the paint to dry completely. 

using 4-Coat finisher on shoes

Your custom painted Vans are now complete. Use the principles learned today to paint any design on canvas shoes!

Custom painted vans