Minimalist Customs

Minimalist Customs

We see an incredible amount of insane customs from artists combining several of our signature colors to create intricate designs and colorways. Sometimes, though, you can accomplish a lot with only a little. Check out these customs to see how much you can accomplish with only a few colors.

Glitch 3.0s

(source: @Justwincustoms)

First up is sponsored artist @Justwincustoms with his custom Nike Glitch 3.0s. By just using our hot pink paint, you can transform a standard pair of white Air Forces into one of the cleanest customs we've ever seen. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the Nike Air Force 1 Glitch Tutorial on our YouTube channel for a similar design.

Miami Nights Jordan 5

(source: @dejesuscustomfootwear)

If you don't like these, you're wrong. Sponsored Artist @dejesuscustomfootwear made these customs using only a handful of Angelus colors and was able to perfectly recreate the iconic Miami Vice color scheme. If you live around Miami, you need to wear these to your next Heat game. You can pick up some hot pink and South Beach paint to get started on a similar colorway.

Custom Air Force 1

(source: @bluethegreat)

You don't need to add color to make your customs stand out. Custom artist @bluethegreat uses only black paint here to recreate the classic Nike swoosh. If you don't want to take away from the clean all-white color scheme on you Air Forces, just grab some black paint and get creative with your illustrations.

Burnt AF1

(source: @Justwincustoms)

Sponsored artist @Justwincustoms takes the idea of altering the classic Nike swoosh in a different direction by adding some color to the logo and leaving the rest of these AF1s untouched.  Recreating this effect might be tough, but you can get started with some black, orange, and yellow paint.

Camo NMDs

(source: @alexanderjohnsondesign)

We have @alexanderjohnsondesign topping off this list with this clean pair of camo NMDs. NMDs started off with limited releases, but almost everyone has a pair by now. By making small changes like this, you can make your customs stand out. You can pick up some olive paint, brown paint, and vachetta paint to get started on something similar.

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