Old Skool Customs

Old Skool Customs

As sneaker culture continues to morph and evolve, it's amazing that Old Skools, and Vans in general, have maintained their popularity. The classic silhouette and extensive options for colorways make Old Skools a perfect canvas for creativity. Check out these custom Old Skools for some quick inspiration.

Old School Old Skools

(source: @gatovalue)

Kicking things off is @gatovalue with these customized checkerboard Old Skools. We think the design on these reflects the style that Vans represent perfectly. Grab a few Angelus paints and get started on your own.

Space Old Skools

(source: @y_kicks)

These space-themes customs by @y_kicks put a crazy spin on the classic all-black Old Skools. These are going to be pretty hard to replicate, but if you want to give it a try, start with some Angelus Blue Paint, Angelus White Paint, and Angelus Purple Paint.

Burnt Old Skools

(source: @kingdom_made)

These burnt Old Skools are absolutely insane. Made by @kingdom_made, one of our sponsored artist, these customs demonstrate just how versatile Old Skools can be. Pick up some Angelus Black Paint and Angelus Orange Paint to get going on something similar.

Kaws Old Skools

(source: @captaincomebackc)

One of the most vibrant pairs of customs in this list, these Kaws-influenced Old Skools are sure to stand out. Replicating customs this complex is a tall task, but if you want to take a shot at it, grab a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get going.


Bape Old Skools

(source: @tragik1993)

Lastly, our sponsored artist, @tragik1993, is coming through with these Bape-inspired Vans. These customs incorporate the classic Bape camo and shark teeth that have become so iconic. Angelus Black Paint, Angelus Fire Red Paint, and Angelus Avocado Green Paint should get you started on your own customs.