Prepare for Winter with These Products

Prepare for Winter with These Products

As the snow starts to fall, it's important that you're able to protect your customs from sustaining damage. Snow, ice, and dirt can ruin the customs you worked hard to create. Consider picking up a few of these products to help prepare your custom sneakers during the winter weather.

Our Foam-Tex Cleaning Kit makes cleaning your sneakers incredibly easy. No matter how careful you are and what steps you take to protect your customs, they're almost definitely gonna get a little dirty this winter. Make sure you're prepared to deal with light stains with this kit.

While snow continues to fall and roads and sidewalks freeze over, cities are going to keep using salt to help make these walkways safer. Unfortunately, while salt is great for getting rid of ice, it can be horrible for your customs. Leather shoes can get white stains from salt. Our de-salter is perfect for cleaning these stains.

One of the most important products to protect your customs from the outdoor elements is our water and stain repellent. You can use this on your fabric and suede shoes and clothes to protect them from water damage. When applied properly and allowed to cure, you can be sure that this will protect your kicks from unnecessary stains.

For many years, mink oil has been a popular product for cleaning and protecting leather.  Mink oil paste is super easy to apply and can help make sure your leather customs last as long as possible. We also sell mink oil as an aerosol spray or liquid, so pick whichever one you prefer.

The last product we want to spotlight for this winter is our high-quality leather balm. Made up of natural oils, Carnauba wax, and cleaners, our leather balm is perfect for keeping your leather customs soft and clean. Pick some up to help protect and restore your leather shoes during this winter.

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