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Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Lucha_Loafers

Oct 8, 2021 · Angelus Direct · Angelus Paint · Angelus Sponsored Artist · Custom · NFL · Rocky · Saints · Scooby-Doo · Slip-Ons · Vans

For some customers it's Jordans, for others it's denim. When it comes to the work of this Angelus Direct sponsored artist, @lucha_loafers has found the perfect canvas with Vans Slip-Ons. From cartoon classics to sports greats, @Lucha_Loafers work makes the most of the medium. Check out the latest customs by @Lucha_Loafers below.

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

The approach of Halloween has us all asking Scooby-Doo, where are you? These customs have the question answered with a spooky pair of customs featuring Scooby and Shaggy on the run from a menacing ghost in light blue against a violet background.

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

From cartoon classics to classic films, these Rocky customs are a knock out pair. With the action spanning both shoes, a black background with red accents sets the stage for this knockout punch. 

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

@Lucha_Loafers doesn't just create customs inspired by sports in movies, there are customs for sports fans too, including these Saints themed Slip-Ons. Black and gold are a must for any Saints fan and this pair is no exception, with an all black and gold design.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations. 

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