Flowers and butterflies hand painted on vans with Angelus Paints on Vans by @cassykustoms

Get Inspired to Create this Spring

The days are starting to get longer, the birds and bees are returning, and flowers of every color can once again be found in gardens across the world – spring is here! That means one thing for customizers, spring-themed custom shoes. Whether floral designs, pastel color blocking, or colorful patterns peak your interest, there are plenty of options when it comes to creating shoes that are perfect for the season. The possibilities to customizing are endless with Angelus Paints, Dyes, and more. Struggling to ignite your creativity or deciding what colors to use? Don’t fret, we’ve put together some inspiration for you here.

pastel color blocked custom vans by @enzohkim made with Angelus Paints

Perfect for most any silhouette, you can never go wrong with a clean color blocked shoe, especially if we’re talking about pastel colors in the springtime. Get inspired by @enzohkim Easter-themed pastel Vans and step up your shoe game this season.

Flowers and butterflies hand painted on vans with Angelus Paints on Vans by @cassykustoms

Springtime conjures up visions of blooming flowers and graceful butterflies, right? For a delightful dose of that classic spring vibe, don't miss @cassykustoms gorgeous floral/butterfly Vans. It's a breath of fresh air for your spring fashion inspiration.

custom mschf shoes hand painted with Angelus Paints by @sneakerqueenscustoms

Looking to create something more bold and abstract? @sneakerqueenscustoms recently took her swirl design to these mschf sneakers with a vibrant gradient that stands out against any backdrop. Bright sneakers like these are perfect for celebrating the weather warming back up. *Please note we do not recommend painting on midsoles unless the shoes are for display only, or you are okay with the paint cracking as they are worn.*

Custom animal print Jordan 1 low by @JSM_801_csutoms made with angelus paints

Can’t decide between a more intricate design or some clean color blocking? Take a page out of @jsm_801_customs book with his Custom Jordan 1 Low “GOLF” Pack. Get inspired by his use of a variety of colorful animal prints that come together for a unique and wearable shoe that will make all your friends more than jealous.


With the warm season of spring finally here, it's time for customizers to level up their shoe game. From vibrant designs to pastel color blocking, the season-inspired options are endless. It's time to create shoes like never before and take advantage of all the possibilities afforded by longer days and the inspiration of a new season.