Yeezy Spotlight

Yeezy Spotlight

Yeezys might be some of the most controversial shoes out. Some people hate them, some people love them. Regardless of how you feel about them, Kanye has undoubtedly been a big part of sneaker culture since his days with Nike. Here are a few of the best custom Yeezys in recent memory.

(source: @bbizon)

The Kid Cudi and Ye collab album Kids See Ghosts came out earlier this year as part of GOOD Music’s stream of 7-track albums. These customs by @bbizon offer a fresh take on the original cover art created by Takashi Murakami. Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get started on making your own Kids See Ghosts Yeezys.

(source: @alexanderjohndesign)

These custom 500s by @alexanderjohndesign are subtle but definitely catch the eye. Camo is one trend that has withstood the test of time, and this artist uses it to make these Yeezys stand out. Grabs some Angelus Brown Paint and Angelus Vachetta Paint to create a similar look.

(source: @carmeno_customs)

These customs might not be an everyday wear, but there’s no denying that they stand out. @carmeno_customs uses bright yellow paint to create a shoe that’s reminiscent of the Testing aesthetic that A$AP Rocky has been using lately. Use some Collector Edition Thunder Yellow Paint to create a similar style.

(source: @wallychamp15)

@wallychamp15 shows off his own take on the style Takashi Murakami used for the covers on Graduation and Kids See Ghosts. Featuring the famous Kanye Bear, these customs would be perfect for any die-hard Ye fan. Angelus Violet Paint, Angelus Hot Pink Paint, and Collector Edition Blaze Paint are good places to start to create a similar style.

(source: @mache275)

Last, but not least, we have these customs by @mache275 which commemorate one of Kanye’s most Kanye moments in recent history. If you haven’t had the chance, do yourself a favor and check out Lift Yourself. If for some reason you want to replicate this shoe, Angelus Black Paint and Angelus Champagne Paint should get the job done.