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Disney Designs

Any true fan knows your love of Disney doesn't end with the movies or theme parks. A Disney die hard wants to show their love whenever possible. Customs can be the perfect way to show your devotion, whether you're spending your day in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle or not. Here are some of the latest Disney themed customs.

(source: @raptiye)

Mickey might be the mouse that started it all, but Minnie seems is the perfect subject for this custom red bag by @raptiye. This Minnie portrait keeps things minimalist with a simple color palette of beigewhitepink and black.

(source: @coxcreation

Nothing could be sweeter than a pink pair of Alice in Wonderland baby shoes. These baby shoes by @coxcreation feature the smiling Cheshire Cat in pink and purple as well a dreamy Alice with her blue eyes and matching blue dress. 


If princess are more your style than has the pair for you. With everyone from Ariel to Jasmine, uses a rainbow of colors to create a cohesive background that brings all your favorite Disney princess together, from a sunny yellow to bright pink.

(source: @antocreazionidarte)

If you're a lover of the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians than you'll love this custom tote almost as much as Cruella De Vil loves fur coats. Covered with a scene from inside the Darling's home, this tote has all the puppies a fan could want. @antocreazionidarte has used tans for the background to match the details of this purse and of course lots of black and white on everything from the pups to Cruella De Vil to recreate that classic 101 Dalmatians look.

For more one of a kind designs follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.

Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Swell Guy Customs

Not only is Bryan Phillips, also known as Swell Guy Customs, a sponsored Angelus Direct artist, but you might recognize him from the Angelus Brand YouTube channel where you can find his informative how-tos. He has made tutorials on everything from creating your own custom colors to how to customize your favorite pair of crocs. When it comes to his own customs his work ranges from sneakers inspired by his favorite films to denim celebrating Women's History.

(source: @swellguycustoms)

These Charizard and Ho-Oh Vans Sk8-Hi pay homage to a clients favorite Pokémon. The fire dragon and rainbow phoenix inspired color palette includes vibrant oranges and red along with contrasting blues. Bryan used Angelus Pearlescent paint in the background as a nod to the holographic quality of Pokémon cards.

(source: @swellguycustoms)

A fan favorite are these Black Panther Air Jordan 6 that feature the Wakandan tribal print that Ruth E .Carter created for the film in Angelus Pearlescent Prince Purple Paint. The Pearlescent Prince Purple helps give the design dimension and radiance. This pair is also a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman with elements inspired by his costume in the film, including Wakanda Forever on the back of the midsole. 

(source: @swellguycustoms)

For Women's History Month Bryan took his talents to some denim. This jacket spotlights important women who have fought for everything from labor to disability rights. The design uses individual colors for each subject to help each one stand out in vibrant bluesreds or yellows.

Don't forget to add some Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium to your paint when working on your own denim creations. 

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations. 

Angelus Tutorials: Custom Green Tones

This month Bryan Phillips from @swellguycustoms is breaking down just what you need to know to start mixing and creating your own custom greens with Angelus Paints. With so many Angelus Paint colors to choose from it can seem overwhelming just what colors to use to create the shade you want. Here are some tips for getting the results you want for creating customs of your own.

1. Angelus Standard Greens

When creating your own custom green a good place to start is by betting familiar with the standard greens that Angelus has to offer. From the classic green to light green, olive and Grinch Green, there are lots of greens to choose from. Green is a secondary color on the color wheel, which means it is created by mixing equal parts of two primary colors, in this case yellow and blue. The amount of yellow and blue you use can help you create different shades of green.

2. Lightening and Darkening

The easiest way to lighten your green is by adding white and to darken it add black. This will desaturate the color as it makes it less bright with the introduction of new tones. Remember it's easier to make colors darker than it is to make them lighter, so try to mix colors from light to dark.

3. Nike Air Max 90 Green Customs

Now you're ready to create some customs using your newly mixed greens. Bryan is using a pair of Nike Air Max 90s for his version of Angelus green customs. The first step with creating any pair of custom sneakers is to remove the laces. Since these shoes have leather uppers they also need to be prepped with Leather Preparer and Deglazer

Next he created a custom palette of five new colors by mixing greens, whites and blacks.

An Artist Palette can be a good way to access and mix colors. The Palette allows you to see all the colors next to each other so you can adjust as needed before you actually start painting. 

Once the shoe is painted, he uses some Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher to protect his custom green Air Max 90s.

More Custom Tutorials

If you want to see more custom tutorials like this one, make sure to subscribe to the Angelus YouTube channel to learn tips and techniques.

Also, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and check out our online store to grab the materials you need to create your own custom designs!

You Can Customize That?

Unexpected customs can go well beyond sneakers. Turn almost anything into a special piece, from boxing gloves to gaming consoles. There's no limit to what you can customize with the right Angelus Products.

(source: @ericxdinero)

Artist @ericxdinero is keeping things fresh with this Simpsons electric shaver. The key is getting that Simpsons yellow just right. And of course no barber shop is complete without a barber pole, like this one in red, white and blue.

(source: @marangon_stefano_art)

There's no more fitting canvas for a portrait of Muhammad Ali than a boxing glove. This silver glove by @marangon_stefano_art makes the perfect background for this custom piece and allows the red boxing gloves and white flashing lights in the crowd to really stand out.

(source: @drip.onkicks)

A Spongebob PS5? If you're a gamer and Spongebob fan it's an obvious choice. This happy sponge uses a combination of yellow and neon green to create that classic cartoon look. Finish him off with a clean white button up and some brown paints and you have everyone's favorite sea sponge, complete with controller.

For more one of a kind designs follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.

Custom Sneaker Spotlight: June 2021

Now that we've officially made it to summer we're seeing custom sneakers that aren't afraid of bold colorways. From earth tones to neon pink, there are some unexpected pairings as well as some classic looks. Check out the latest from our Angelus Direct sponsored artists this June.

(source: @mache275)

@mache275 takes the original earth tones of the Air Fear Of God 1 'Oatmeal' and adds some more muted greens and pinks. A rich terracotta color finishes off the uppers and compliments the earth toned soles. Create your own version of this colorway by combining softer colors with richer earth tones.

(source: @tragik1993)

@tragik1993 takes Nike and neon to the next level. From the hovering swoosh to a bright pink, green and yellow colorway, everything about these Air Max 90s looks fresh. While the color combination is great, it's the white accents that really help the bold colors come together.

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

@astrotorfcustoms brings us his version of the OFF-WHITE and Nike collaboration. Just as Virgil Abloh puts his own spin on a Nike classic, @astrotorfcustoms took the OFF-WHITE "AIR" look and created a red, black, white and beige colorway to create a new look.

To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

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