Army Tan Leather Dye - Angelus Direct
Army Tan Leather Dye - Angelus Direct
Army Tan Leather Dye - Angelus Direct
Army Tan Leather Dye - Angelus Direct

Army Tan Leather Dye

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Angelus Brand makes the highest quality Leather Dye on the market. For sneaker restoration and custom leather work, our professional grade Army Tan Leather Dye holds color.

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Leather dyes are super strong and full of color. They work great on leather because they soak in and last a long time. Suede dyes are a bit different—they have less color in them and are made to keep suede soft. Suede is that soft, fuzzy leather, and it needs special care. If you put leather dye on suede, it can make the suede hard, not soft and fuzzy like it should be.

Dyes takes the color of what is under them. So if you dye something white with red it will turn pink. It mixes with it. Paint sits on the surface and grabs on. You can cover anything with paint. Our paint is water based while our dyes are alcohol based.

Yes, all Angelus Dyes are mixable! Angelus Leather Dyes can be mixed with other Angelus Leather Dyes, and the same for Angelus Suede Dyes. Mixing dyes to acheive specific colors is harder than mixing paints and does require testing. (Do not mix Suede Dyes and Leather Dyes together.)

Keep in mind that this is considered a professional product. You may need to perform many tests before applying it to your final piece. 

Customer Reviews

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Armondo C.
Angelus Dye

Angelus Dye is All I use on My Custom Holsters. You Can't beat the Quality, Color Choice and price..... It is the Best. AA+++

Army Tan Review

This product applies beautifully. With careful application (try not to overlap as you sponge it on) the colour applies evenly. The smell is not strong or noxious, you can apply it comfortably indoors without needing ventilation. As for the colour itself: I applied it on a medium brown level. The dye was shockingly red and rich at first, similar to a red brick shade. A second coat deepened the colour, but it was still predominantly red. After treating the leather with my preferred moisturisers and sealants the colour became a deep, rich brown. When in direct light, particularly sunlight, the red undertones glow through beautifully like an ember. I am very pleased with this colour, as well as all my customer service interactions with Angelus. Between the quality of their service and this product, they have a loyal customer in me. I would recommend no other for your leather projects.

Jeffrey R.
Army Tan

It was exactly the color I was hoping it would be. Just like the color of the boots back in the day. Went well with the leather project I made. Will be ordering and using this color a lot more on future projects.

Watcharin I.
Leather dye

The products are really good and easy to apply. I wish to have more shades like cream, white, pink, beige.

Eric W.
Another great dye

Have purchased a dozen or so dyes and they have all worked great, I do a lot of custom leather working and Angelus provides a good variety of dyes that hold color well.

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