Black Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Black Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Black Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Black Suede Dye - Angelus Direct

Black Suede Dye

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Bring your suede sneakers, boots, and loafers back to life with Angelus Brand Suede Dye, this vibrant, industrial strength is the professional's choice. Pick up a bottle of our Black Suede Dye to restore your favorite shoes from fading. 

Test on an unseen area before use.

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Leather dyes are super strong and full of color. They work great on leather because they soak in and last a long time. Suede dyes are a bit different—they have less color in them and are made to keep suede soft. Suede is that soft, fuzzy leather, and it needs special care. If you put leather dye on suede, it can make the suede hard, not soft and fuzzy like it should be.

Dyes takes the color of what is under them. So if you dye something white with red it will turn pink. It mixes with it. Paint sits on the surface and grabs on. You can cover anything with paint. Our paint is water based while our dyes are alcohol based.

Yes, all Angelus Dyes are mixable! Angelus Leather Dyes can be mixed with other Angelus Leather Dyes, and the same for Angelus Suede Dyes. Mixing dyes to acheive specific colors is harder than mixing paints and does require testing. (Do not mix Suede Dyes and Leather Dyes together.)

Keep in mind that this is considered a professional product. You may need to perform many tests before applying it to your final piece. 

Customer Reviews

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This was highly recommended, bought this for a pair of jordan 1 to black out the tongue (made of nylon and foam - No bueno) didn’t hold the color as well.

However I had another project, grey suede shoes to black! It’s amazing! Definitely highly recommend for “SUEDE” projects!


My favorite 😊


Finally got around to using this recently-bought product. Very good quality item, even on much lighter suede items. Coats well, and looks sharp!


I can't rate this yet, because I have not yet used it, but if it's anything like the red dye with this purchase, or the 2 bottles of Dark Red dye that preceded it, I should be in good hands with this product.

Mary B.
Black suede dye

Love it, easy to apply, no mess and nice color.

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