Shattered Backboards

Variations of the iconic Shattered Backboard colorway have been popping up on the #angelusdirect tag. While it seems like an appropriate trio of colors for the upcoming Halloween season, it has nothing to do with holiday. That being said, if a crafty sneakerhead was feeling inventive this Halloween, recreating the moment that inspired this colorway would be 100% the best costume.

Like the other variations of the Air Jordan 1, the Shattered Backboard is noted for it’s unique colorway—specifically the use of orange along with black and white. From far away, a pair of Backboards look they could be the coveted Chicago 1’s, which feature a red, black, and white color scheme that pay homage to Jordan’s team, the Chicago Bulls.


The orange, though, that’s where Jordan history gets interesting. The colorway itself is a reference to a jersey MJ was wearing at a game. Yes, there was a time when Jordan hit the court without his iconic Bulls jersey, and no it wasn’t during an Olympics match (or that Wizards stint, but we’ll forget about that).


The year was 1986, and Jordan, along with some of the era's up-and-comers were playing an exhibition match in Italy. The team wore a an incredibly 80’s looking jersey that featured a bright orange and black color scheme.


Normally though, MJ wearing something wouldn’t be cause for alarm, but it wa what happened during the game that made history. As the name suggests, Jordan pulled off one of the most revered dunks in the history of the game. Basically, he rocked it so hard the backboard of basket literally exploded and rained down glass on his competition.


So, before the reversed color way drops this October, why not make you're own? These custom Laser 1’s that @thatshoeguy are a clean spin on the on legendary shoe.

(Source: @thatshoeguy)

Not to mention, @kends2376 laced up a pair of Dunks with the Shattered colorway.

(Source: @kends2376

So when someone adds orange, black, and white to a pair of Nikes or Jordans, they’re tapping into basketball history. Pick up some orange, black, and white paint then make your own pair. Be sure to tag us at #angelusdirect, so we can see what you created.