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Blackout Friday

You might be knocked out from yesterday's turkey, but all the real MVP of the Thanksgiving season is Black Friday. You're probably not a stranger to the shopping madness that goes on today, but who here wants to admit they're camping out in front of Target for an 60" flat screen? If that's not you, Black Friday shopping has been made 100% better with the circulation of smart phones and the Internet. 

With that being said, if you're a sneaker customizer, do sneaker restorations, make art, whatever it is, you need to stock up on the best acrylic leather paint on the market from the one and only Angelus Direct. Today's the day to do so, and you have until midnight (11/27) to get on this Black Friday deal.

Trust us, you can never not have enough of our paint

(Source: @roxt_eddie)

Maybe you missed one of those sneaker drops this weekend and you want to make your own. Maybe you just want to flex on everybody with your custom sneakers. Either way, if you're going to spend money on custom sneaker supplies, do it today.

If that wasn't enough, today is the last day to save half on our legendary Easy Cleaner Kit. As it gets wetter and windier, you need to keep your sneakers 100 and our Easy Cleaner is the simplest, most effective way to do this. 

So if hit that second wind and get shopping, your feet will thank you later. It's Black Friday man, and YOU KNOW THIS MAAAN!

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The Legendary 8's

If you were old enough to remember the 1993, you probably remember the NBA All Star game for one specific reason: Michael Jordan’s first retirement. We all know now that this was the first of a few “retirements” from the NBA, but at the time, this was electric. Michael was riding out another first, that being the ‘91, ‘92, and ‘93 Championship Three-Peat. So this retirement game seemed like a true end of an era.


But MJ’s retirement was not the only big deal in the ‘93 All-Star Game. And we’re not talking about Karl Malone’s MVP award (sorry bruh). Michael hit the court wearing the craziest things to be seen on television that year—the Jordan 8 Aqua. When these hit the airwaves, everyone from OG sneakerheads to Jordan fans to probably Jerry Seinfeld wanted a pair.

(Source: Stunninstyle)

This was pre-Internet, so what you saw on television was a one time thing until you caught the highlight reel on your local news. After that, you might have seen a Nike ad in a magazine. After that, maybe they hit Footlocker or whatever your local shoe spot was. But you couldn’t get on Twitter and ask around for the sneakers MJ was wearing on his “final” night on the hardwood. So the Aqua 8’s became an instant classic from the start.


Now for those of you who don’t have an OG pair, or missed the first retro in ‘07, Nike is dropping these again on Black Friday. So get those Twitter fingers ready if you’re trying to cop a pair because these are one of the most sought after colorways of the 8’s.


Or, if you don’t have a pair, you could make your own. If you do have a pair, and they could always use an, that’s where we come in. At Angelus, our Collector’s Edition Paints pay homage to the legendary drops of yesterday that are almost impossible to find. So if you’re not trying to wait in line for a new pair of 8’s, have an old pair you want to breeze some new life into, or using the colorway as inspiration pick up our Aqua 8 and Concord 8 paints. These are the highest quality acrylic leather paints for serious sneakerheads. 

We love giving shouts out to all the sneaker customizers and artists out there. So we came to show some love to a talented dude by the name of Chase Maccini from Syndey, Australia. This video he posted to his YouTube Channel shows him restoring a pair of Aqua 8’s with our paint. So if you have any doubts that you can create your own, here’s proof.


And this was the finished product. These look like they would been fresh out the box back in '93. This dude is a master!

(Source: @xchasemaccini)

Check out more of Chase’s work on his Instagram. Or if you’re in the Sydney area and need some custom or restoration work done, head over to his business page at Sneaker Revive Sydney for a look of his skills.

(Source: @xchasemaccini)

Thanks for doing our paints justice Chase!

Sneaker Con DC

In case you haven’t heard, Sneaker Con, aka #thegreatestsneakershowonearth is making a pit stop in the Nation’s Capitol this weekend. On Saturday November 14, the Washington DC Armory is packed with sneakers and sneakerheads. So if you're buying, selling, trading or just going to stunt, this is your weekend DC/Baltimore.

As per usual, Angelus Direct will be in the building to witness the madness. Our guy @sleepy76 is going to be holding down the Angelus Direct booth with a full line up of paints, cleaners, laces, and other sneaker accessories.

(Source: @sleepy76)

This is what our spot looked like in Charlotte, so come say what’s good to Sleepy and pick up some of our world famous Easy Cleaner.

The Armory in DC is huge. And we’re not just saying that, this shit is gigantic. It seats an easy 10,000 bodies, so be sure to get in early and bring a lot of cash.


2013’s DC stop was massive.


As was 2014’s, so there’s only one way this event is going: massive.

The only thing that’s going to draw a crowd close to this is the other massive sneaker drop of the weekend. It’s Yeezy season once again, this time with the Moonrock colorway. By now you probably know the drill with Yeezys, cue up online or in-store, and bet on that 1/1000 chance you’ll cop a pair.




Or, if you’re at Sneaker Con DC, you might have be able to pick up a pair in person. But why not create your own Moonrock custom sneakers? We’ve got the best acrylic leather paint on the market, so if you’re looking for that perfect gray for your Moonrock inspired customs, we’ve got your three times over.

Hit up that Angelus hotline at #angelusdirect with your Yeezy, Yeezy inspired art, or snap a pick with us at Sneaker Con. So gear up sneakerheads, you’ve got a big weekend ahead of you.


With Halloween is right around the corner, the question is not what you’re going to dress up as, but what you’ll have on your feet. You could base an outfit around your shoes, like all the broke-ass Marty McFly costumes you’re bound to see this year. Or you could make a piar of customs for Halloween. But remember, these are for sure one wear only sneakers.

Sure, you could be Brad Hall for Halloween?

(Source: Kicks On Fire)

Halloween customs are always an excuse for a good one off. Let’s be honest here, no one is trying to wear some Halloween themed Jordans in the middle of July. You could, but there’s something that much better about a one-wear custom sneaker. You wouldn’t wear your Halloween costume year round either.

This is the perfect holiday for a project because you can go in so many different directions. Every year, Nike drops Halloween colorway that’s usually orange and black. You could do that too. Or, you could be a little more creative and take inspiration from your favorite horror movies like they did with these Friday the 13th inspired LeBrons.

(Source: Sole Collector)

This is where Freddie Kruger comes in. There’s a handful of legendary horror movie bad guys, but Freddie is the only dude to make a green and red and a fedora look good. Mike Meyers rocked a jumpsuit and a William shatner mask. Jason Voorhees did a hockey mask. Not very original. But Freddie, that’s our guy right there. He had the crazy skin, the claw gloves, even the sweater.

(Source: Movie Pilot)

That’s why a Nightmare on Elm Street inspired sneaker is always a good look for your Halloween one-wears.

A couple of our favorite artists, El Cappy and Shme Custom Kicks, took inspiration from the film with their customs. If we didn’t mention, these are two of our sponsored artists, so this was done with Angelus Paint.

These first Freddie custom Huaraches come from Detroit wild man El Cappy. The classic Krueger sweater and blood splatters are perfect for Halloween.

(Source: @elcappy)

This next pair was done by Shme Customs. She’s got both the skin and the sweater on a pair of OG Chuck Taylors.

(Source: @kelshmeamy)

Finally we’ve got another Nightmare-inspired pair by Bud Sanfilippo of Stomping Ground Customs. These Freddy Laser 1’s  things capture the grittiness of the horror’s slickest bad boy.

(Source: @stompinggroundcustoms)

Big ups to Stomping Grounds for these guys.

These were some great Nightmare on Elm Street inspired customs, but we would love to see what else you can create for Halloween. Be sure to head over to to the @AngelusDirect IG account for some inspiration for your  #halloweenkicks.

And don't forget....

Happy Halloween everybody.

"2015? You Mean We're in the Future?"

We went back to 1989 this past Wednesday with the all the Back to the Future craze. When BTF II dropped in ‘89, the characters time travel to October 21, 2015 and the world was given a glimpse of the "future." Moviegoers loved the shoes that time-traveling hero Marty McFly wore when he was wildin' out on a hoverboarding in Hill Valley.


These futurist sneaks were nicknamed the 'Nike MAG.' The world has been waiting 26 years to get the real thing. 

The film’s version of our real-life Wednesday had some hits and misses. For example, there’s a couple versions of the hoverboard out there right now, truth be told they’re not as cool as the one in the movie. Also, the Cubs definitely did not win the Pennant this year.

There’s the whole style thing. Paris fashion week maybe? Someone would wear this fit.



Of course, the thing that everyone was anticipating was the Nikes. You’ve probably seen pictures of these sneakers before. Every couple of years, there was rumor that Nike would release a pair of the self-lacing, hoverboard ready, future high tops.


The shoes themselves were pretty fire. If the 80's were all about he high-top Nikes, ("Terminators," Air J1's, etc), these were the highest things out. The light up midsole were really cool too. But the thing that made these Nikes so special, so futurist, was the self-lacing capability. This idea seemed so far away, and 1989's version of 2015 was purely science fiction. 

In 2011, Nike actually created a version of the Mag for a live auction that would benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These sneakers actually lit up, much like the MAGs in the film, but they didn't have the self-lacing capability. 



It seemed like that was it. Nike dropped the "real" thing and a couple of rappers and Brian Wilson's beard were the only ones who got it.


If some from the 1980's was to come to our time and saw this dude, that would probably be a pretty good representation of 'the future.'

But this Wednesday, Nike came in clutch with not only another drop of the MAG, but a pair with actual self-lacing capability. They officially released the Nike MAG 2015.  What a time to be alive.



While people had been putting out MAG-inspired custom sneakers for a minute now, after 2011’s drop people could actually customize the MAG itself. For instance, Mache, one the world’s top custom sneaker (and Angelus Sponsored) artist dropped these custom MAGs.

(Source: @mache275)

Mache did these with one of the 2011 models for Pelican’s baller Anthony Davis in celebration of #backtothefutureday.

Now that there’s a real life version of the Nike MAG, people are going to have to step up their custom game. The world wants to see a pair of customs with self lacing sneakers, so who’s going to be the first to make them?

To recap the week, Wednesday was Air MAG Day over at the @angelusdirect Instagram page (follow us if you don’t already). We gave away a kit that had all the paints needed for your own MAG-inspired customs.

For those of you who weren’t picked, you can still find all the acrylic leather paint colors on the Angelus website, the shoelaces at the Lace Lab site to create your custom MAGs. The Nikes will have to be your own though, maybe some Foamposites? We've got some premium laces just for that too.

If you missed the #backtothefutureday jump off this time around, go back in time. Like our motto goes, create what you can’t have.

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