Custom Avengers Slip-On Vans with SAVE THE PANDUHS

Custom Avengers Slip-On Vans with SAVE THE PANDUHS

(source: @savethepanduhs)

With comics more popular than ever Rick Garica, also known as SAVE THE PANDUHS, decided to create a custom pair of Slip-On Vans inspired by the new movie Avengers: Infinity War.

@savethepanduhs walked Angelus Direct step by step through the process, sharing his tips, tricks and favorite products.

The first thing he does is fill the shoes with paper or towels to create a firm surface, then tape off any areas he doesn't want painted. He prefers Red Vinyl Tape for the midsoles and Masking Tape for using on canvas.


The next step is to prep the area he's going to paint with a base coat of Angelus Flat White Paint with Angelus 2-Soft. Once the Angelus 2-Soft is set with a Heat Gun the shoe is a blank canvas, ready for painting.

After sketching an outline in pencil he can start painting. Using multiple coats of LilacLight Blue, Gold and Flat Black he's careful not to make the paint too thick, while still using enough coats to get good coverage. 


Using masking tape and a knife he cuts out a stencil that can be used with an airbrush. 2-Thin is added to Gift Box Blue, Violet and Flat White to ensure the paint runs smoothly through the airbrush.

Pearlescent Paint is used to give the stones some shine. Once the shoes are dried a coat of Water & Stain Repellent is added to protect the finished product.

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