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Custom Sneaker Spotlight: January 2022

From Air Force 1s with drip to Vans that are out for blood, January saw Angelus Direct Sponsored Artists creating one of a kind customs, perfect for the New Year. Check out the latest designs, techniques and Angelus Direct products you'll need to create your own customs.

(source: @justwincustoms)

Air Force 1s dripping with gold? These Nikes have it with a liquid gold swoosh so realistic it looks like it's ready to drip right off the shoe. This pair by Sponsored Artist @justwincustoms uses a combination of yellows to create this molten effect, and leaves the rest of the show bare to help the swoosh stand out.


(source: @sneakerkingsohio)

The night sky inspired these out of this world moon customs by Sponsored Artist @sneakerqueenscustoms. The inspiration came from a series of moon images done by the photographer who these customs were created for, complete with a crescent moon, stars and branches above. A combination of dark blues and deep greens give these customs that clear, night sky look.

(source: @lucha_loafers)

Speaking of things you only see at night, Sponsored Artist @lucha_loafers took a pair of Slip-On Vans and turned them into a colorful portrait of everyone's favorite funny, vampires with these "What We Do In The Shadows" customs. Green and blue highlights give these fanged fiends a spooky touch.

To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.


Tommy Nickerson, known as @beargallery, recently joined the Angelus Direct team as a sponsored artist. Tommy is a Los Angeles based artist who has created thousands of customs over the years. His work has been inspired by everything from the music world to cartoons and can be seen on everything from shoes to guitars. Check out his best work and find him on the Angelus Direct YouTube channel where he shares step by step tutorials.

(source: @beargallery)

These Space Jam Nikes were the subject of one of his tutorials for Angelus Direct. Featuring Space Jam 2 stars Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird, these Lebron Witness 5s required a variety of techniques, from drawing the characters to creating the splatter print midsoles. He takes you step by step as he explains how he creates his colors for the perfect match for each character, like Tweety Bird by mixing orange and yellowHe also mixes violetblue and white to match the purple accents, then creates a neon green with yellowblue and white for the splatter pattern.

(source: @beargallery)

Shoes aren't the only medium he customizes, he's also created a number of custom guitars featuring subjects ranging from mountain landscapes to Sponge Bob. This delicately executed custom acoustic guitar uses the wood finish as a backdrop to these floating monarch butterflies in black and orange.

(source: @beargallery)

These Purple Rain themed Doc Martens are a pair of customs any Prince fan would covet. With one shoe in black and white and other in all its purple glory, these customs make the most of these Doc Marten boots as a canvas. The other side of each shoe spells out Prince and his iconic Prince symbol.

(source: @beargallery)

Pet portraits are another common subject for Tommy and these custom Vans are a great example of some of his most personal work. Each portrait perfectly captures the personalities of these sweet pups in black and bone. The black of these Slip-On Vans makes the ideal backdrop.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

Custom Sneaker Spotlight: December 2021

Customs this December found inspiration everywhere, from the holidays to wedding days. Some found fresh new color ways, while others relied on expertly painted details to make some of the most inspiring customs this holiday season. Check them out below and let them inspire you for the coming year.

(source: @julia.miaw)

What would Christmas be without Santa and Coca-Cola? A whole lot less fun, as these Coca-Cola Christmas Air Force 1s can prove. From a Coca-Cola tied up with a bow, to the Coca-Cola polar bears, these customs by @julia.miaw celebrate the classic ads down to the last detail in Santa Claus red and white.

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Speaking of redwhite and green, what about tomato custom Old Skool Vans? Why not, asks @truebluecustoms? These customs created for @appharvest celebrates everyone's favorite summer produce with expertly painted tomatoes still on the vine. The green @appharvest logo on the toe and details on the heel finish these customs off. Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium is a must for adding to Angelus Paint on this canvas pair.

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Every bride needs a special pair of shoes to remember their special day and customs are the perfect way to celebrate. @astrotorfcustoms created this pair of Air Jordans as a surprise for some lucky newlyweds. The uppers pair light and dark pink with cream for a lovely color combination. The wedding date in gold perfectly matches the Gold Leather Laces for a pair and a day they'll never forget.

(source: @taicustomkicks)

These Air Jordan 1 Low's by @taicustomkicks take a new color way to the next level, with shading and dripping details that give this pair added dimension. The blue, yellow, red and purple combination is balanced out by the fresh white background on the uppers. Details, like blueyellow and red dripping onto the swoosh, add interest and make it known these aren't your off the shelf Air Jordans.⁠⁠

To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

Angelus Tutorials: Squid Game Custom Vans

With Squid Game madness taking over everywhere Angelus Tutorials is bringing you some Squid Game custom Vans so you can get in on the trend. Sponsored artist Sophie Saldana walks us through everything from fading to shading on this pair of customs.

1. Base Coat

Since these are canvas customs start with two coats of Angelus Flat White Paint. This will create a screen print like texture that will be easier to sketch and paint on.

2. Sketching the Design

Using pencil you can free hand sketch the design onto the toe of the shoe. The white background from the base coat should make it easy to see the pencil markings when you're ready to paint.

3. Painting the Blues

Inspired by the blue playground room on the show, @sophiesophss mixed three light blues to use for the background. Starting with the lightest blue, she builds up coats of paint to create the background. She then goes over the light blue with a slightly darker color using a scribble motion, to create that crayon drawing look from the show. She uses the darkest blue to outline the white clouds in blue and scribbled more blue onto the clouds themselves.

4. Painting the Guards

For the guards @sophiesophss recommends creating three or four different reds using the same base color. She did this by creating one main red and then adding grey to create a second red and white to create a third. This will allow them to blend well together. 

Start by color blocking the red areas with the main red. Add shadows with the darkest red and highlights using the lighter red. To really give definition to the design, add some black to the base coat for the darkest shadows.

Add black to finish off the faces the guards themed shoe.

5. Painting the Candy Design

The other shoe features a candy design inspired the dalgona game from the show. Fill in the blue sky background to match the other shoe and then paint whatever Squid Game inspired shapes you want for your candy, just be sure to use shading like you did with the guards to give the candy some depth.

More Custom Tutorials

If you want to see more custom tutorials like this one, make sure to subscribe to the Angelus YouTube channel to learn tips and techniques.

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Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Lucha_Loafers

For some customers it's Jordans, for others it's denim. When it comes to the work of this Angelus Direct sponsored artist, @lucha_loafers has found the perfect canvas with Vans Slip-Ons. From cartoon classics to sports greats, @Lucha_Loafers work makes the most of the medium. Check out the latest customs by @Lucha_Loafers below.

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

The approach of Halloween has us all asking Scooby-Doo, where are you? These customs have the question answered with a spooky pair of customs featuring Scooby and Shaggy on the run from a menacing ghost in light blue against a violet background.

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

From cartoon classics to classic films, these Rocky customs are a knock out pair. With the action spanning both shoes, a black background with red accents sets the stage for this knockout punch. 

(source: @Lucha_Loafers)

@Lucha_Loafers doesn't just create customs inspired by sports in movies, there are customs for sports fans too, including these Saints themed Slip-Ons. Black and gold are a must for any Saints fan and this pair is no exception, with an all black and gold design.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.