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The Customizer's Workshop

Customizing sneakers can become a serious business if done right. While right looks different from one person to the next, there are some standard practices that most customizers follow. Generally, those who want to commodify their hobby and turn it into a full-fledged money making endeavor tend to have a workshop.

(Source: @truebluecustoms)

The beauty of a workshop is that no two are going to look alike. The name itself, "workshop," might imply something old fashioned, but really all you need is a table, a chair (or you could stand if you felt inclined) and your supplies. A roof might be optional, depending on where you live.

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

As far as supplies go, having a rotating collection of Angelus Paint is always a good idea. It's interesting to see what colors different people have the most of. Between the Standard Paint, Collectors Edition, Pearlescent, Glitterlites, and Metallic Paints, there are plenty options.

(Source: @the.wright.magic)

Another must is going to Paint Brushes. While you could use a random paint brush from the store, Angelus Paint Brushes were created exclusively for our paint. Since we make the paint, you can trust that we know what the best features a brush would need.

(Source: @studio.shayna)

Outside of paints and brushes, the rest is really up to you. Whatever your workshop set up looks like, we want to see it. Tag us at #angelusdirect and show us where you create your own sneakers.

(Source: @Feelgoodthreads)

Custom Cleats That Aren't Custom

Now that it's summer, you're best option for catching a major league sports game in the U.S. really comes down to baseball. Sure there's summer league NBA, MLS, and golf, but baseball really is one of the big four. While baseball hasn't really been considered one of the more sartorial sports (that typically goes to basketball), these days you might find a little bit of flair out on the mound if you look hard enough.

(Source: @truebluecustoms)

The trend toward custom baseball cleats has really taken off over the past few years, in no small thanks to custom artists like SolesbySir and True Blue Customs. But more and more, players are able to break the monotony of an official uniform with a pair of custom cleats.

(Source: @solesbysir)

It seems like this trend has caught on outside of custom cleats though. Recently, adidas dropped its Icons 3 Legends pack just in time for summer. Coming out with a cleat that's just a tad more inspired that the usual fare is a step in the right direction when you compare it to the likes of what basketball players are coming out in.

(Source: adidas)

These cleats highlight some of America's great baseball cities— New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta, with a color motif relative to each cities dynamic culture and aesthetic. It's interesting though, when you look at these cleats something familiar comes to mind: they look like customs, and customs that have already been done. That's not a knock on adidas by any means, but more a testament to customizers leading the way. So if you have a pair of custom cleats, tag us at #angelusdirect!

Shoe Brushes: The Sneaker Cleaning Secret Weapon

Keeping your sneakers clean can be a nightmare if you don't have the right materials. In recent years, there are more and more options for shoe cleaners, so you don't have to hit your favorite sneakers with a dish soap and a toothbrush.

While you always want to start with a high quality cleaning solution, there are a couple other necessities that will keep your shoes looking crisp. For one, a towel is always good to have on hand. Typically microfiber is going to be best to not leave lint on your sneakers after you wipe them down.But the really secret weapon when it comes to sneaker cleaning is the shoe brush.

A brush has been vital to keep footwear crisp for hundreds of years now. Of course, the brushes being used by shoeshines in the 19th century look a little a different than what we have nowadays, the premise is basically the same.

Like shoe-shining, cleaning your sneakers requires an even distribution. Basically, this means you don't want to soak one part of your sneakers without spreading the solution out. A premium Angelus Shoe Brush does just that, and the higher quality the brush, the better the cleaning job. And when you have brush options, even better.

Angelus has been in the shoe cleaning game for a while... and by a while we mean since 1907. So you can trust us on shoe brushes.

Have You Tried Our Pearlescent Paints Yet?

At Angelus, we're always trying to push the boundaries with our products. When we saw that there wasn't a quality pearlescent acrylic leather paint on the market for custom sneaker work, we wanted to make it. So after tooling around in the "lab," we found the perfect formula for a pearlescent paint made with the same quality and standard as all of the other Angelus Brand paints.

Pearlescent, for the uninitiated, is named after the color changing effect (or iridescence) that results from light hitting surface. Of course, the color itself isn't actually changing, but an optical illusion. The best way to explain this is that light waves are interfering with each other, so depending on the angle you're looking at an object, the color will change.

(Source: CarScoops)

It's likely you've encountered something that's iridescent before. Most commonly the effect is seen on soap bubbles and oil spills. This might not exactly be your inspiration for a custom project, so the other, more well known influence is the pearl, hence the name pearlescent paints.

(Source: @prolificcustoms)

Typically, people use pearlescent paints on cars, but with our new collection, you can create the same effect on your sneakers. 

(Source: @edostar44)

SolesBySir x Angelus Direct

At Angelus Direct, we’re honored to know our acrylic leather paints turn sneakers, cleats, and designer handbags amongst other things into incredible one-of-a-kind products. That’s why we sponsor some of the greatest custom artists who take their work to the next level time and again. So we’re pleased to announce one of the best in the game, SolesBySir, is sponsored by Angelus Direct!

@SolesBySir with @reignready53 and the 1-of-1 Super Bowl cleats he made!

Marcus Rivero, known as a SolesBySir to the custom community is by and far one of the busiest custom artists. If you keep up with football or baseball in any capacity, you’ve probably seen a pair of his custom 1-of-1 cleats out on the field. “I got into cleats by accident,” Marcus says, but since then, he has absolutely crushed it.

Not only has he created customs for NFL’s superstars and up-and-coming college athletes, he’s laced out entire teams like he did for the Miami Hurricanes in collaboration with adidas Football.

A little backstory on Marcus’ insane career trajectory—he first created a pair of custom sneakers for an NFL player, and the client was so floored, he wanted custom game day cleats as well. Marcus was hesitant at first, but the player’s persistence paid off and Marcus made him a pair of custom cleats as well. The cleats got a lot of attention and the rest is history. From the gridiron to the baseball diamond, SolesBySir has made his mark.

So if you need inspiration, check out some of the crazy projects Marcus has worked on. One of the latest being with Hyundai and NFL Draft where he designed car wraps and cleats to match for four of the top 20 draft picks! There’s no stopping SolesBySir and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

All images courtesy of @SolesBySir

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