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Sophie Saldana - YouTuber

Sophie Saldana - YouTuber

Maybe making your own pair of color changing slides has never crossed your mind, but this is a very real idea for Sophie Saldana, or Sophiesophss as she’s known to her YouTube followers. Not only did she paint that pair, but she made a really funny video that turned a process closer to chemistry than art into something accessible and easy to understand. That is exactly why Sophiesophss is part of the Angelus Direct family.

Beyond her artistic talents as a sneaker customizer, Sophie makes incredibly well produced videos. If she’s not filming a trip around town looking for sneaker gold for her Ballin’ on a Budget Series, then she’s making step-by-step How To videos. Sophie goes the extra mile, taking a cinematographer’s approach to her videos with crisp close up shots, animations, and text to walk you through the process. Whether you need some style inspiration or painting techniques, go hit the subscribe button on Sophiesophh's channel.

Visit Sophie's YouTube channel here: